Our Services

Fit to Win Cycling is a F.I.S.T. Equipped and Certified Road and Triathlon/Time Trial Fit Center located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Started in 2012 the mission of Fit to Win Cycling is to be the most capable and best equipped fit studio in the state. New Mexico’s growing population of performance athletes requires a bike fit service designed to help them reach their maximum potential.

There are essentially two ways to fit an athlete on a bicycle: one is to impose a fit on them by the fitter, or the fitter can execute a protocol designed to enable the athlete to self-select their position. The latter is the preferred approach and is the essence of the F.I.S.T. protocol.

A series of trials are performed at various effective seat tube angles (saddle fore/aft positions) and the athlete’s position optimized for each trial. By performing series of these trials with attention to seat height, hip angle, and rider comfort the athlete can self-select a position that combines maximum output with maximum comfort.

To effectively perform these trials it is essential to have the required tools. Fit to Win Cycling is the only F.I.S.T. certified and F.I.S.T. equipped fit center in the state of New Mexico.

The core of the fit protocol relies on the use of a precision position simulator. At Fit to Win we use an EXiT Cycling fit bike designed by Dan Empfield and Ves Mandaric. It’s the first bike on the market that uses a dedicated X-Y saddle and handlebar positioning system which creates the ability to change any dimension in one plane while keeping the other plane constant, even while changing seat tube angle. Our EXiT fit bike is equipped with a RacerMate Computrainer Lab resistance unit which has been calibrated on RacerMate’s dynamometer and sorted to a higher degree of accuracy than the standard Pro CompuTrainer resulting highest possible degree of accuracy possible. Further capabilities are realized with the use of a Purely Custom variable length crankset. This crankset allows crank arm lengths from 155 mm to 185 mm to be selected and tested.

An essential element to a achieving a optimized fit on a bike is to first resolve any contact point discomfort the athlete may be experiencing. At Fit to Win we have a growing selection of saddles (presently over 20 different models) that can be tested. Featuring Cobb, Adamo, Selle SMP, along with various saddles from Specialized, Fizik, and Selle Italia we’re confident we can identify a comfortable saddle that will allow the athlete to focus on performance, not discomfort. We have a selection of TT aerobar setups, as well as road bars in 40, 42, and 44 cm; each in standard and compact drop.